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The World's Most Famous Landmarks

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Have you ever wondered what goes into creating icons for some of the world’s most famous brands or products? Meet the team behind a set of 12 line icons that depict some of the most popular logos globally. Each icon tells a story and represents a brand in its own unique way.

The Icon Set

12 line icons

The design team worked tirelessly to capture the essence of each of the brands represented in this icon set. They created a balance between brand recognition and minimalism with these designs. The 12 famous logos depicted in this set, although diverse, are instantly recognizable.

If you look closely, you can tell that every line is intentional, and each curve has a purpose. With careful attention to detail, these icons convey an overarching message that represents each respective brand aptly.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Icon Set

The process of creating these icons was not an easy task. It involved a lot of research, sketching, and prototyping. The team worked closely with representatives from each brand to ensure that the essence of the brand was preserved in the designs. They also considered the specific attributes of each brand and how they could be represented in a minimalistic manner.

The design team went through several iterations until they found the perfect balance between recognition and minimalism. The final versions of these icons are not only visually appealing, but they also tell a story that represents each brand.

The icons were designed in vector format, allowing them to be increased or decreased in size without losing quality. This versatility made them perfect for many different applications, including websites, apps, and print materials.


Q. Are these icons available for commercial use?

A. Yes, these icons are available for commercial use. However, please ensure that you credit the creator and follow the usage guidelines.

Q. Can these icons be resized?

A. Yes, these icons were designed in vector format, which allows them to be resized without losing quality.

Q. How were the brands chosen for this icon set?

A. The brands were carefully selected based on their popularity and recognition globally.

Q. Can I customize these icons to suit my brand?

A. Yes, you can customize these icons to suit your brand’s needs. However, please ensure that you credit the creator and follow the usage guidelines.

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